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In the first experimental study, the learning results were measured by a formative assessment such as in-class activities, quizzes, case studies, etc. Data was collected and measured using a questionnaire that was randomly distributed to the electrical engineering students. It was found that the acquisition of knowledge can be supported by eliciting the use of 2D, 3D images, drawings or illustrations, etc. It was also noted that learners with low levels of prior topic knowledge profited from the computer-based visualization techniques. In the second study, results were analyzed from the summative assessments such as final exams, final practical tasks, and final projects where positive impacts were observed on students’ learning. Overall, the findings underline the “direct” relevance of the quality of knowledge attainment by learning from computer-based visualization techniques.</p> Muhammad Nauman Bashir, Sameera Iqbal, Kamaludin Mohamad Yusof Copyright (c) 2021 iKSP Journal of Innovative Writings https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/167 Thu, 30 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Impact of Effective Teamwork on Employee Performance: The case of the Telecommunication Companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/71 <p>Every company sets specific goals and objectives to realize. The success of the company in realizing these objectives and goals relies on many factors. One of these factors is the good and effective performance of its employees. Nowadays, there is a fierce competition among companies working in the same field and in the same market place. Therefore, there is greater emphasis upon the personal achievement of the working staff at work place; in which the effectiveness of teamwork is thought to have an impact upon the employee performance. The paper attempts to investigate the impact of effective teamwork (effective communication, level of trust, interpersonal skills, team cohesion, accountability) on employee performance in the telecommunication companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It also seeks to identify the extent of teamwork effectiveness in the telecommunication companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Moreover, it tries to identify the level of performance of the employees in the telecommunication companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The study belongs to the descriptive studies and it uses the quantitative approach. It uses the questionnaire form as the study tool. The sample consists of 200 members of those working at the telecommunication companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The data collected is analyzed by means of the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22, where descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation analysis, mean scores and regression analysis are employed. The results show that the effectiveness of teamwork and employee performance in the telecommunication companies in the kingdom of Bahrain are high. Moreover, the results indicate the presence of a significant impact for teamwork variables (effective communication, level of trust, interpersonal skills, team cohesion), on employee performance, in the telecommunication companies in Bahrain.</p> Mousa AlArafat, Mark Doblas Copyright (c) 2020 iKSP Journal of Innovative Writings https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/71 Sun, 12 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Determinants of Debt Collection Management of the Financial Institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/58 <p>The performance of a financial institution engaged in extending credits is determined by the effectiveness of their efforts to collect the payment once it became due. The identification of the possible challenges related to debt collection helped in proactively planning on how to deal with these issues. The topic represents a demanded study for the Kingdom of Bahrain since it is crucial for the financial institutions to maintain good strategy of debt collection as its greatly affect their financial status. This study assessed the determinants of debt collection management of the financial institutions in the kingdom of Bahrain. Its main objective is to analyze the effects of staff competency, collection’s resources as well as collection’strategies to the debt collection management. The research was conducted through the use of questionnaire for the employees working as debt collectors of a different financial institutions in Bahrain. The sample size was 112 respondents determined through the simple random sampling method. Multiple regression analysis methodology applied for analyzing the data. Results of the study showed that the null hypotheses are rejected, which implied that staff competency, collection’s resources and collection’s strategies have significant effects in debt collection management of the different financial institutions in Bahrain. It’s recommended that financial institution should make sure that employees are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and competency of their job, the collection’s resources needed to perform the debt collector job is provided and that the debt collection policies and strategies in place are robust. </p> Hanan AlNatiei Copyright (c) 2020 iKSP Journal of Innovative Writings https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/58 Fri, 15 Oct 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Employee Stress Management Factors Influencing Selected Audit Firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/59 <p>Stress disturbs the life of employees along with their productivity and disturbs their professional and personal life. This study will determine the source of stress, the impression of stress and the strategies to manage them and also determine the effectiveness of the strategies that might help employees in the Audit Firms in Bahrain. The research design used to conduct the following study was quantitative. Data is collected through primary methods and samples from 100 people are collected to perform the test. Questionnaires are used to collect data and non-probability sampling technique (snowball sampling technique) is used for sampling. Data are analysed using the SPSS statistical tool. The results of both correlation and regression analysis have found a strong association between works overload and stress management in audit firms of Bahrain. Our society has to deal with the relatively new concept of workplace stress more and more especially now while one is dealing with Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this present study is to determine the main reasons for and consequences of stress at work. The research also analyzes the overall current situation of stress in audit firms and general work stress and looks at some facts related to the origins of stress, and suggest ways to prevent and cope with it.</p> Mohamed jalal khan, Jeena Ann John Copyright (c) 2020 iKSP Journal of Innovative Writings https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/59 Mon, 22 Nov 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Internal Customers Satisfaction on Material Handling Management of Al Imam Factory, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/70 <p>The importance of materials handling stems from the intrinsic relationship that it has in the production flow. Any imbalance or disruption that occurs, it ruptures the supply chain. These disruptions in the system creates logistics problems which will ultimately cause customer dissatisfaction. Managing the flow of materials from their original sources of materials to the ultimate customers in important to the success of the organization. This study assessed the internal customer satisfaction levels on material handling management of Al Imam Contracting and Trading Co., provider of intralogistics in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It intended to explain the relationship of the material handling principles on the material handling management of the said company. The study used descriptive and inferential analysis to explain the significance of the material handling principles on the internal customer’s satisfaction. System integration, automation, and environmental principles were statistically significant on the internal customer’s satisfaction. Internal customers were satisfied with the material handling management, and they agree on all material handling principles. The study suggests that the company must review its operational efficiency of the material handling system.</p> <p>Keywords</p> Nour Ali Jamal Copyright (c) 2020 iKSP Journal of Innovative Writings https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijiw/article/view/70 Fri, 24 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0000