Issue Management in Arab Professional Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Mohamad Ali Jamal AMA International University Bahrain


issue management, issue management process, project value mindset, corporate issues, project management issues.


Construction industries were acquiescence that project management is a way of life to make the project successful. Project management deals with in-depth understanding on the interactions of the different dimensions of the project and their cause-effect relationship leading to issues management. Studies revealed that dealing with strategic issues are critical to the organization’s long-term survival and sustainable growth. Issue management as a systematic approach can improve the impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, and corporate and project risk management. The study assessed the relationship between corporate and project management issues of Arab Professional Company and issue management. It intended to explain the effect of project value mindset of the selected stakeholders in Arab Professional Company on issue management. The study used descriptive and regression analysis to explain the significance of identified variables to issue management. Corporate and project management issues was statistically significant to issue management and cost was considered as topmost significant among the issues. The results stressed the value of communication among employees. Although communication was consistently important, the need to assess the issue, its urgency and its impact on issues confronting the project is needed. This allows Arab Professional Company to visualize the need of creating a standardized issue management process or a system on responding to issues in the company.




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