Employee Stress Management Factors Influencing Selected Audit Firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain


  • Mohamed jalal khan Student at AMA University
  • Jeena Ann John AMA International University Bahrain


Stress, Stress Management, Occupational Stress, Stress in Audit Firms


Stress disturbs the life of employees along with their productivity and disturbs their professional and personal life. This study will determine the source of stress, the impression of stress and the strategies to manage them and also determine the effectiveness of the strategies that might help employees in the Audit Firms in Bahrain. The research design used to conduct the following study was quantitative. Data is collected through primary methods and samples from 100 people are collected to perform the test. Questionnaires are used to collect data and non-probability sampling technique (snowball sampling technique) is used for sampling. Data are analysed using the SPSS statistical tool. The results of both correlation and regression analysis have found a strong association between works overload and stress management in audit firms of Bahrain. Our society has to deal with the relatively new concept of workplace stress more and more especially now while one is dealing with Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this present study is to determine the main reasons for and consequences of stress at work. The research also analyzes the overall current situation of stress in audit firms and general work stress and looks at some facts related to the origins of stress, and suggest ways to prevent and cope with it.




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