Cyber security for Industrial Control System – A Survey


  • Attaullah Shafiq Department of Telecommunications, Institute of Information and Communication Technology, University of Sindh
  • Shaheryar Mughal Department of Telecommunications, Institute of Information and Communication Technology, University of Sindh


Cyber Security, Network Security, Security & Solutions for ICS, Indusrtrial Security System, Industrial IOT


The prevention of PCs, servers, cell phones, electronic frameworks, systems, and knowledge from noxious assaults is known as cyber security. This paper contains a thorough Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), secondly, during this paper, we review the characteristics and reference models of commercial system and analyze security status of commercial system. Moreover, we discuss the key works, ICS and SCADA and Industrial IOT. A compromise to ICS can result in enormous physical harm and danger to human live. During this work, we've an in depth take a look at vulnerability in a form of Operational Dark trace Technology involving the passive observation, Visibility Into ICS, Dark trace proof of values and Coordination of sensors and actuators used to track and control physical processes. Furthermore, we discussed about defensive properties, active safety and passive tracking security policies for these security issues. Lastly, explicitly we center on examining and evaluating the various sorts and structures of an ICS, security necessities, various dangers assaults, and existing answers for secure Industrial control frameworks. By this review, we want to give an away from of security issues in ICS and explain the diverse exploration issues to solve later on.

Author Biography

Attaullah Shafiq, Department of Telecommunications, Institute of Information and Communication Technology, University of Sindh

Your home is the best brought up institute for you, being part of well-educated and disciplined family, I am blessed with personality which satisfy the society, whether its character wise or academic wise. Since early childhood, I was delighted with technological appliances around me, as I belong to such a family having strong educational background with interest in InfoTech and I am the one who is having keen interest in that. My passion towards Technology incited me to learn about advanced IT and the great innovations fascinated me to avail this opportunity with a desire to excel in my field and work on social issues. I was very much passionate to construct something unique regarding mega projects with a variety of professional who could assist me towards Telecommunication Engineering. I have been working on Programming and simulation using advanced versions of software, like Python MATLAB, HFSS, MultiSim, Electronic workbench, Edsim and Cisco packet tracer with hardware implementation. I started working on ML, IoT, Networking, HSAT Network and Antennas. I have done certified internship in Warid Rollout from SysTech-Engineering. Side by side I have done debating course from certified linguistic institute which enhanced my communication skills. I always want to see my parents raising their heads being proud of my success. 




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