Text to Animation for Sign Language of Urdu and Sindhi



PSL, , Animation,, Dumb, Deaf, , Disabled,, English, , Urdu, Sindhi,, Sindhi,


Sign language is a nonverbal gesture-based language used by deaf and dumb people to communicate. The use of hand gestures to form symbols that correspond letters and words are the main mode of communication for the people who are unable to speak. Learning such unique language is a huge problem and very difficult as no verbal information is used, only hand gestures are required in a particular form and shape. In this research work the aim was to use multimedia learning principles to teach and facilitate a normal person to learn and be able to communicate with the deaf and dump persons. The system uses a Test tot animation approach, where the normal person types in a text which will then display a corresponding animation of the hand gestures translating the text into sign language. The 3D animation was done with virtual avatar and a android app was developed to integrate the animation of sign gestures with user controlled text app. The learning section of the app includes various tutorials and infographics on sign language in three different languages, including alphabets, (Sindhi alphabets, Urdu alphabets, English alphabets), Numbers, Fruits names, Body parts names and basic communication sentences with their relevant 3D gesture animation. The final application is a great aid for communication and tool for learning sign language.




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Bhatti, Z. ., Faiz Muhammad, Malik, H. A. M., Hussain, M., Haseena Chandio, Seema Channa, & Zarqa Mahar. (2021). Text to Animation for Sign Language of Urdu and Sindhi. IKSP Journal of Emerging Trends in Basic and Applied Sciences, 1(1), 08-14. Retrieved from https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijetbas/article/view/60