Passivity Based Control for PV Applications by Using a Buck Power Converter


  • Rachid TALEB University of Chlef
  • Maamar SOUAIHIA
  • Abdelhadi NAMOUNE
  • Hacene MELLAH


Passivity Control, Buck Power Converter, PV, Simulation


The use of power converters for everyday applications is becoming more and more important. Current technological applications simultaneously demand a high level of precision and performance, so DC-DC converters have a very important role in systems requiring energy level conversion and adaptation. As part of the work of this paper, we are interested in an analysis of modeling and control law synthesis approaches to ensure stability and a certain level of performance in the entire operating domain. The objective of our research work is therefore to propose a control law whose synthesis is based on a formalized (modeling & control) approach with a view to obtaining a control law adapted to the operating point. The principles used are based on the control and observation by the theory of passivity for the synthesis of control law of buck power converter for PV Applications.




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TALEB, R., SOUAIHIA, M., NAMOUNE, A., & MELLAH, H. (2021). Passivity Based Control for PV Applications by Using a Buck Power Converter. IKSP Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, 1(2), 26-31. Retrieved from