An Empirical analysis on the factors influences the wastage of Banana and Cherries

Cross sectional study of supply chain in UAE


  • Sameera Iqbal HCT
  • Ahmed Abdulsalam Alzarooni Higher Colleges of Technology
  • Rashid Saif Alkaabi
  • Abdulaziz Ahmed Aljefri
  • Mohamed Saleh Aljabri
  • Abdullah Sultan Alrumaithi
  • Yousef Ahmed Alshamsi


Banana and Cherries, Wastage, Packaging, Delivery time, Shelf Life, Cost, Sensors, Supply chain


The research highlights main critical points related to controlling the wastage of bananas and cherries. Above all, there are: the limited shelf-life, packaging, delivery time sensor, and costs that can influence the wastage. However, the methodological framework suggests that Packaging under the influence of efficient sensors and cost forces the supply chain to be shaped as both responsive to the market (by reducing the wastage) as well as efficient. The study uses a theory-building approach that adopted a qualitative research method. The research strategy includes preliminary desk research followed by qualitative research composed of interviews with experts in the field. All interviews were constructed using open-ended questions either executed face to face or through phone calls. The questionnaire was also distributed among different retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.




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Iqbal, S., Ahmed Abdulsalam Alzarooni, Rashid Saif Alkaabi, Abdulaziz Ahmed Aljefri, Mohamed Saleh Aljabri, Abdullah Sultan Alrumaithi, & Yousef Ahmed Alshamsi. (2021). An Empirical analysis on the factors influences the wastage of Banana and Cherries: Cross sectional study of supply chain in UAE. IKSP Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, 2(1), 1-13. Retrieved from