Role of Organizational Social Media Integration in Improving the Banks Social Capital



Social Capital, Social Media Integration, Knowledge Management, Bank Industry


The challenge that organizations now face is acquiring knowledge that enhances competitive excellence, the power of creativity and innovation, and organizational learning, and adds to the richness of organizational knowledge. In today's knowledge-based world, organizational knowledge management is the key to success and leadership. One of the essential organizational capabilities that can help organizations create and share knowledge and improve their performance and create a lasting organizational advantage is social capital and social media use. Hence this research tests the role of social media integration on the three dimensions of social capital and organizational emphasis on knowledge management. This study was conducted on a sample of 280 employees of Tejarat Bank in Tehran province in Iran. The results showed that integrated social media positively affects the social capital dimensions. The framework and directions provided can further the social media integration and knowledge management research by addressing essential gaps in the current literature. This research identifies many opportunities for researchers to understand better the phenomenon of social media integration in improving the social capital in the bank industry.




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