Moderating Effect of Brand Attributes between Brand Identity and Consumer Behavior for an Apparel Industry


  • Darwish Usman AMA International University Bahrain
  • Surjit Victor AMA International University Bahrain


Brand Attributes, Brand identity, Consumer Behavior, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty


Brand Identity plays a significant role in developing a brand and establishing its consumer market. Brand Identity/Image is developed by different Brand Attributes that make the Brand stand apart from others in the competitive markets of today. The research aimed to explore the moderating role of Brand Attributes in developing a string Brand Identity and significantly affecting the Consumer Behavior in the Apparel Industry. 5 Brand Attributes were explored and selected including Awareness, Value, Trust, Quality and Pricing. The study adopted the quantitative method of research where a survey based questionnaire was distributed among 400 apparel industry consumers via Google Survey after validation of the research instrument. The collected data was tabulated and analyzed using different statistical test to summarize the findings from the data. The data revealed that Brand Identity was significantly and highly moderated by Brand Attributes and their impact over the Consumer Behavior was significant as well. The results showed that Brand Quality was the most significant attribute in purchase and repurchase decisions of customers, however, Quality, Trust and Pricing were also found to be highly significant in developing strong Brand Identity. The study concluded that Brand Attributes play a significant role in moderating Brand Identity and thus directly affecting the Consumer Behavior.




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