WhatsApp Stories Feature in the Lens of Cyberbullying: A Case of Metropolitan City Karachi


  • Rabiya Inayatulah Sindh Madrasatul Islam University
  • Sadaf Khan


cyberbullying, cyberagression, perpetrator, victim, WhatsApp Stories


WhatsApp is a prevalent social interacting medium which is globally used by more than 2 billion people in which the WhatsApp Stories Feature in 2019 is used by half a billion users. WhatsApp Stories is a premise for sharing desired content like photos, videos, text, and is also a free place to post opinions and to express feelings. This research paper is exploratory in nature. The objective of this study was to analyze the usage of WhatsApp stories for cyberbullying and to find out the actual perpetrators and victims of cyberbullying by focusing Gender. The primary data was gathered through a self-administered questionnaire which contains a 5 scaling Likert scale. The sample size was 146 in which (32.9%) were Male and (67.1%) were Females. The data was taken from the region of Karachi. Quantitative analysis methodology is used, and the sample data is analyzed through SPSS software. Correlation, Regression & One Sample t-test was tested among the variables along with mean differences and found significant results where P-Value outcome for each variable was P<0.05. The study adds a substantial contribution to the literature and conveys a new direction for future studies.




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Rabiya Inayatulah, & Sadaf Khan. (2021). WhatsApp Stories Feature in the Lens of Cyberbullying: A Case of Metropolitan City Karachi. IKSP Journal of Business and Economics, 2(1), 56-71. Retrieved from https://iksp.org/journals/index.php/ijbe/article/view/152