Perception of Male and Female towards Branded Clothing in Pakistan


  • Wajid Hussain Sindh Madarsatul Islam University Karachi
  • Sadaf Khan


The focus on the perception of females on branded clothing is gaining the attention. This study looked at the different perspective by targeting the male perspective. The study proposes a framework including social status, family tradition, national heritage, quality, Values as an independent variables and branded clothing as a dependent variable. A survey approach is adopted to collect the data, in total 32 questions were developed, a total sample of 144 male and females from different universities and colleges of the Pakistan have been chosen. A statistical Package SPSS is used to test the hypothetical relationship. Findings suggested that Male perception is equally important when examining the perception towards buying behavior of branded clothing. Recommendations are given to clothing business to focus on the variables that influence customer’s perception and suggestions are given to researchers to work on different branded products.




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